Xbox 360 NXE Dashboard Stage

Yeah, I was bored so I made this. Enjoy!

Progress with THP making.

Seems like I’ve got the hang of it. Thanks for the excellent guide, Nerd (I mean that respectfully, or course. Bleh. It always feels as though I’m throwing an insult when I say that.)

SUPER works perfectly with your guide (well, it actually needs a few extra steps) Is it ok with you if I put up another guide utilizing SUPER instead of Adobe After Effects as to discourage people from illegally “obtaining” After Effects? It’s a free program.

Youtube totally crapped up my video (audio/video all desynced. The video is also much too fast. wtf, youtube?). (Does anyone else feel like Youtube totally sucks now? Videos take longer to load, videos take longer to process, and the entire new layout just sucks.)

I’ll go upload the vid somewhere else…

Still hoping we can make that THP Repository/Vault/Workshop thread in Smash Workshop. I call dibs on making a Rick Roll vid. 😛

A one-day Crew Member

Yes, as you already know, I am leaving The Mugiwara Kaizoku Team. I’m really sorry guys. You can still find my work here:

LenSho’s Brawl Vault

Just so you know, I didn’t want things to be like this. Adios.

Bad News

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SUPAAAHH | Vegeta-geta-geta | Osakana Daisuki! | We’re Blastin’ Off Againnnn

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Sanji revamp release & other things

Franky Kong is still being worked on. Trying to get the floating part of his tie off, but it causes problems like his tongue sticking out. o_O

I asked Ike Lawliet for help though. 😀

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Two new previews coming soon to a Brawl near you

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